Anti-bullying message discussed with kids

Every seven minutes a child is bullied.

The issue of bullying was front and center at one Upper Peninsula school Wednesday.

School officials are taking precautions to protect and teach their kids.  Students at Lakeview Elementary in Negaunee heard from former student, Adam Whittington.

He told students he was bullied in school, but he used music to turn his negative experience into a positive one.  Whittington shared his very personal experience with students today.

“They just need to make sure they tell a parent or teacher if they are being bullied,” he said.  “Work their problems out, talk it out, encourage each other in the things they like to do.  Be encouraging and remain positive.”

Students held up hearts to remember to give love and encouragement to one another.

The school says having Whittington visit reinforces its anti–bullying measures.

“Giving out compliments, our staff gives out gold slips on doing the positive,” Assistant Principal at Lakeview Elementary School Warren Potts said.  “Replace negative behavior by positives by complimenting each other.  We’ve set up positive behavior throughout the whole school.”

If you want to talk to someone about bullying, call the National Hotline for Children at  (800) 999–9999.