Safety tips for Moped drivers

Warm weather may be a thing of the past, but with gas prices at or about $3.50 a gallon, more motorists are opting for two–wheeled transportation.

Law enforcement agencies say mopeds may carry more danger than most riders realize.  The risk of being killed in an accident on a Moped increases thirty-five times over than that of a car driver.

But, there has been an increase in people riding mopeds lately.

“The reason why we’re seeing (more people on Mopeds) is because the higher cost of gas,” Michigan State Police Trooper Stacey Rasanen said.  “A Moped is considered anything under 100 cc.  It does not shift, and it doesn’t go faster than 30 miles per hour.”

All Mopeds must be registered with the Secretary of State, unless they are ridden only on private property.

A license costs $15 and lasts for three years.

“You need a helmet until you reach the age of 19, and then after that it’s your choice.  We do recommend that you wear a helmet on a moped at all times,” Rasanen said.  “And as far as eye protection, you do not need eye protection but it’s highly recommended.”

People under 15-years-old are not allowed to drive Mopeds, and drivers must follow the same traffic rules as other motor vehicle operators.