Grandparents Day at Children’s Museum

Grandparents Day is a day that doesn’t get as much attention as Fathers’ Day and Mothers’ Day, but it’s a celebration near and dear to all and celebrated with love.

The Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum pulled out all the stops today to recognize these wonderful individuals who have done, and currently do, so much.

“We recognize that many grandparents are providing day care, or they may even be custodial grandparents for their grandchildren, so our project is to get these grandparents and grandkids together and find out what their needs might be, and how we can help them and support them in this very important role,” Great Start coordinator Mary Sullivan said.

Having grandkids, parents and grandparents come together in celebration was a treat for everyone.

The kids had play time, story time and one of the most popular activities was the singalongs led by a local grandparent. Museum officials were excited about today’s turnout and says this is something they plan to do often.

“I think it was,” Cathy Whales said. We had a lot of participation and the grandparents came, and they were reminiscing, singing some old songs from way back when, when they were kids, probably. Kind of reminded them of their childhood, I’m sure.”

The Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum is open 7 days a week.