GOP meets in Marquette

The Michigan Republican Leadership Conference just wrapped up on Mackinac Island. Michigan First District Congressman Dan Benishek (R-Crystal Falls) attended the session and then stopped in Marquette Sunday afternoon.

He joined constituents for a social …and said he wanted to get the Republican Party fired up and excited.  The congressman also says the Grand Old Party plans to make some needed changes.

“People think that Republicans are off in different directions, and that’s one of the concerns that I have; that we remain united and once we’ve welcomed our candidates, we support them fully and make sure that we give them the best opportunity to win,” Congressman Benishek said.

Benishek says the budget is still a main concern and he understands that voters are upset about the debt that will be left behind for our children and grandchildren.  He says he feels the same frustrations.  But he says, changes in how we govern will be the key.

Benishek says, “My main concern is that people in North Michigan be able to find work, that taxes stay low, the healthcare stays low.  We have the ability to keep government out of our hair, so we have the opportunity to bring the American dream back.  I think that too much government is stifling the opportunity for our children and grandchildren.”

Benishek also said he is currently against any involvement in Syria.