Michigan Senate honors Coach Carl Nystrom

LANSING, Mich.- Senate Resolution 85, a resolution to honor Coach Carl “Buck” Nystrom, was adopted by the Michigan Senate Tuesday, according to sponsor Sen. Tom Casperson.

“This resolution honors Coach Nystrom, a native and resident of Marquette, for his distinguished accomplishments in athletics, teaching, coaching and community service,” said Casperson, R-Escanaba. “Coach Nystrom is a legend in not only the Upper Peninsula but in athletics throughout the state and across the country.  The U.P. is so proud that Coach Nystrom is a native son.

“Just as important, Coach Nystrom has been a tremendous role model for the youth of the Upper Peninsula and elsewhere in Michigan through his character, his selfless sacrifice, and his off-the-field commitments such as his dedication to the Bishop Baraga Fund and the Special Olympics of the Upper Peninsula,” Casperson said.

Despite the fact that Nystrom is at an age when most men have long since retired, and despite suffering some real challenges with his health, he has continued to participate in multiple summer youth football camps, sponsor blocking clinics for high school players, and serve as a volunteer coach for the Gwinn Modeltowners.

“It is that infectious spirit, dogged attitude and tireless worth ethic that embodies what Coach Nystrom stands for and the reason he remains beloved today by his players and the community,” said Casperson.

SR 85 will be presented at the Tribute to Coach Buck Nystrom event at the Northern Michigan University Football Reunion, which takes place Sept. 20-21 in Marquette.