Economic Club brings local businesses together

Starting a new business is never easy and knowing who to reach out to can be even more difficult. But, if you work in Marquette County there is a way to get a leg up.

Marquette County’s Economic Club has members from all walks of life. Whether it’s a small business owner or a representative from a multi–national corporation, everyone has a voice in helping shape the local economy.

The club meets once a month, from September to April, to discuss new ventures and glean advice from fellow members and a laundry list of business savvy guest speakers, like Governor Rick Snyder who helped kick off tonight’s start of the club’s 2013 campaign.

“That’ll give us a good insight as to what his thoughts are for further economic development not only in the U.P., but in the state of Michigan,” explained Al Hendra, President of the Economic Club of Marquette County. “I think through the years we’ve seen a lot of young entrepreneurs develop. We’ve worked very closely with the students in developing local businesses; highlighting those businesses and bringing them forward.”

“This club and these events serve as a great venue for young people to get involved with movers and shakers in the Marquette community,” noted Derek Bush, a Board Member from the Lake Superior Community Partnership. “Young people, such as the Below 40 Young Professionals Group, are going to be the future movers and shakers. So, it’s a great opportunity for them to together to network, to learn, to be able to grow both their business network as well as their personalities, and to get to know the people they’ll be working with throughout the community in various capacities.”

Anyone interested in joining the club can do so by going online to their webpage: