Construction progress at new NMU Jamrich Hall

The new Jamrich Hall being constructed on Northern Michigan University’s campus is now one step closer to being completed.

The ironwork on the new building wrapped up today when the final piece was attached to the structure, and it was cause for celebration.

Crewmembers placed an American flag and a pine tree on top of the structure. Placing a tree is a time–honored tradition among iron crews.

“Well it’s an ironworker’s ritual, the American flag of course, made in the USA and made by this U.S. ironworker group. The tree is to represent life, continued success and growth. It’s a symbol they have used for over one hundred years,” NMU senior associate vice president of administrations Art Gischia said.

The workers also got to sign their names onto the iron just before it was lifted high into the air and attached to the building.

The final bolts were put in place by Northern’s administrative staff.

“I have not been that high up on a lift before. It was a beautiful view and the lift is very stable. I was up there with two very experienced iron workers and we were tied off, so it was a lot of fun,” Gischia said.

The new Jamrich building has been under construction for about a year.

The structure is expected to be finished by next July and ready for use by the fall 2014  semester.