Part of being a boy scout is giving back to your community, and that’s exactly what a group of boy scouts did Monday evening in Delta County.

Boy scouts from Troop 411 picked up trash tonight along U.S. 2 in Escanaba. The troop is part of the Michigan Department of Transportation’s adopt-a-highway program. The scouts keep a three-mile stretch of the highway clear of any litter or debris. Sometimes, the scouts turn up some interesting things discarded on the side of the road.

“I found a dollar bill, I found an axle to a car, and some car parts,” said Brayden Lundquist.

“Not only is the trash along the highways displeasing to the eye, but it’s also bad for the environment,” noted Bob Wils. “So, we try to make our highways look better and keep our ecosystem healthier.”

The scouts were treated to ice cream after the highway cleanup was completed. According to the MDOT website, this year’s final trash pickup along michigan roadways will run from September 21st through September 29th.