“Fall in Love” feline adoption event at UPAWS

A new adoption special starts Tuesday at the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter.

The promotion, “Fall in Love”, is a feline event to find homes for the shelters cats.  Right now UPAWS has around 60 cats up for adoption, from kittens to adult cats.

“We have lots of many wonderful adult cats and kittens,” UPAWS Board Vice President Ann Brownell said.  “We also have a lot of cats in foster care.  Our wonderful staff and volunteers, they know all of these wonderful pets that we have.  They get to know their personality.”

“Come in, tell us a little about what you’re looking for, and we can match you up and you can find a nice friend for yourself.”

UPAWS will most likely have the perfect pet for anyone, but there are things to remember while looking for a new pet.

“Whether this is for cats or dogs or small animals, think about your lifestyle, what you’re looking for,” Brownell said.  “Are you looking for more of a couch potato kind of a pet, are you active and want a cat that’s going to be running around and playing with you and jumping, or do you just want one to snuggle on the couch and be kind of a couch potato.”

Adult cats are $20, and kittens are $50.  Spaying and neutering, a rabies vaccine, a microchip, a health check, and a coupon for pet food are all included in the adoption fees.

The adoption special runs through September 30.

To see a list of cats, and other animals, up for adoption, visit the UPAWS website.