Delay of sentence for woman who stabbed fiance

A woman who allegedly stabbed her fiance was in Marquette County Circuit Court for sentencing Friday.

Cloea Ashley Wiig

Cloea Ashley Wiig

Cloea Wiig, 36 was given a twelve month delay of sentence.

She will have to meet with a probation officer for a year.  If Wiig stays out of trouble with the law, the sentence will be nollied.  If Wiig does not comply, she will be sentenced again.

Wiig was not given jail time, but her court fines and costs total almost $1,000.

Wiig pled no contest to Felonious Assault or Assault with a Dangerous Weapon at her arraignment last month.

She stabbed 43–year–old James P

utvin of Skandia, at a residence in West Branch Township in June.