Flu season right around the corner

Cooler temperatures are right around the corner, and cooler weather brings flu season.

Pharmacies across the U.P. are waiting for shipments of this season’s flu vaccine.  The Marquette County Health Department says the flu shot is the best way to combat the virus and reduce the chance of it spreading.

“The CDC recommends anyone six months and older to get the flu vaccine.  A lot of people feel that they are not at risk for flu but sometimes they may be carrying a mild case of the flu virus and transfer it to those who might have a higher risk.  So it is really recommended for all age groups, six months and up,” Marquette County Health Department Representative Jean Reynolds said.

The vaccinations are inexpensive, usually under $30.  For those that cannot afford the flu shot, there are other options to help cover those costs.

“Most insurances cover vaccines now.  For people who are uninsured, they can check with their local health department and are usually available a pretty minimum fee.  They would be looking at about $25,” Reynolds said.  “At times there have been plans for those who are uninsured to provide lower–cost vaccines but that availability varies from year to year.”

Flu shots do not guarantee total immunization from the virus.  The flu vaccine was proven to be 60% effective in 2012.

It is recommended to check with your physician’s office or local pharmacist for the availability of the vaccine.