Finding Bigfoot in the U.P.

Another search for Bigfoot is about to get underway in the Upper Peninsula.

If you have evidence – or information – about the existence of Bigfoot in the U.P., the Animal Planet wants to hear from you. If the network’s “Finding Bigfoot” program finds your information compelling enough, they may investigate.

In fact, a scouting team from the show is planning to visit Upper Michigan soon and they want to hear from locals about possible sightings of the legendary creature.  Here’s how you can participate: send an email to

If the “Finding Bigfoot” team from Animal Planet is interested in your story, they’ll get in touch with you for a meeting in coming weeks.

They may have their work cut out for them. A group called the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization visited Marquette County in both 2007 and 2008 to interview residents who claimed to have had encounters with Bigfoot.

But, the creature did not show itself!