Donating to classrooms like a BOSS

A Dickinson County business is donating money to many classrooms around the U.P. to make sure they have the supplies they need. ABC 10 News Now Senior Reporter Mike Hoey has that story.

Woodland Elementary School in Kingsford has larger enrollment than expected. Jen Christy’s classroom was put together the week before classes started in a last-ditch effort to reduce class size. That wasn’t enough time to budget for all of the supplies that the kids need. So she’s gone to the internet for some help.

“This classroom was added this year, so it was basically an empty classroom when I got there,” explained Christy, a Kindergarten and Early-K Teacher. “This will give us some counters; things that can sort by attribute, color, shape, things that they can graph. This will give them a chance to work socially with each other, interact, and use their math skills.”

She’s posted a classroom supplies project and request for donations on

“This is a wonderful opportunity for classrooms to get the supplies that they need for their students that, often, budgets cannot provide. I’ve used ‘Donors Choose’ in the past. I had three projects last year that were fully funded by generous donations,” added Christy.

BOSS Snowplow of Iron Mountain has chipped in nearly $300 to Mrs. Christy’s project. It’s part of what the company calls the ‘Snowcare for Kids’ campaign.

“Any projects that are $600 or less, Boss will fund 50 percent of that project,” noted Jodie Gilroy, a Marketing Specialist for BOSS Snowplow. “The remaining 50 percent will need to be funded by the local community.”

Any classroom in the U.P. and the neighboring counties of Wisconsin can post a project to and apply to the ‘Snowcare for Kids’ campaign. Along with Mrs. Christy’s project, ten more projects for Upper Peninsula schools are on “Donors Choose” right now. They’re from schools in Negaunee, Escanaba, and Newberry, among others.

Anyone who buys a BOSS snowplow in the U.P. or Northern Wisconsin can chip in as well. BOSS will give you the money. All you need to do is decide which school project should receive it.

“Any new BOSS product will receive a $50 gift card to ‘Donors Choose.’ Then those snowplow owners can got out and help their local schools by funding these projects,” added Gilroy.

‘Snowcare for Kids’ lasts through March 31st.