Levin backs Obama’s stance on Syria

Ten days after asking for congress’s approval, President Barack Obama turned his attention to the American people and addressed the nation about the possibility of a military strike in Syria.

He had his work cut out for him considering that two-thirds of Americans oppose an armed intervention in Syria’s civil war, despite reports of chemical weapons being used on citizens and children alike. President Obama has had a turbulent 48 hours, with Russia stepping up to the plate with a plan of their own. The Russian proposal would place Syria’s chemical weapon stockpile under international control.

Senator Carl Levin who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, issued the following statement tonight in response to the President Obama’s stance:

“The president tonight made a forceful and persuasive case to the American people that confronting Syria’s use of chemical weapons will keep our people and our troops safer. I support his diplomatic efforts to promptly bring Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, one of the world’s largest, under international control. I agree with the president that Syria and Russia would not have raised that possibility if not for the credible threat of military force. I believe Congress can best support the goal of a diplomatic solution by approving a resolution that authorizes the use of force if Syria refuses to give up its chemical weapons.”

The international community will now have to act quickly to put Russia’s proposal into place given President Obama’s stern warning of an eminent strike.