Aerial geology survey of Eagle Mine this week

If you are in Northern Marquette County the next few days and you see a helicopter in the air, carrying something that looks like a missile, here’s why:

It’s part of a routine test taking place near the Eagle Mine.

Lundin Mining is conducting an aerial geology survey of the mine and its surroundings.  The sensor that will collect the survey data looks very much like a missile.

Mine officials say it is a very common type of survey that has been done in the area before.

“During these flights, there’s going to be a unit below the helicopter that’s going to be transmitting and receiving electromagnetic signals, and that’ll give us a better idea of the geology below the ground,” Eagle Mine Senior Advisor for Communications and Media Relations Dan Blondeau said.

The electro–magnetic sensor is 30 feet long and weighs 800 pounds.  A helicopter will be carrying it around about 200 feet above the treetops.

“Folks might see a helicopter flying from right around the old airport in Negaunee up to around the Eagle Mine site and back with the exploration device below it,” Blondeau said.

The survey should be taking place between Wednesday and Saturday, depending on the weather conditions.