Finding your cell phone if it becomes lost

Everyone has a fear of misplacing or losing their cell phone.

If you happen to lose your phone, there are some ways to make sure you can retrieve your phone and the information on it.

Some phone companies offer recovery plans so if your phone is lost you can track the location.  You can register your device under a recovery plan with an email address and pin number to see the location of the phone.

“In order to get our device all set up ready to be tracked is our Total Equipment Coverage,” Assistant Manager of Verizon Wireless in Marquette Township Laura Clifford said.  “It’s $8 a month, and it comes with a feature called My Mobile Recovery.”

“(My Mobile Recovery) is an application that helps you track your device.  If you lose your phone, right away sign in, enter your email address and four digit pin, and you’ll be all set to actually be able to track the device.  You can remote wipe it and sound alarms…maybe (the phone) is somewhere in the house, so you can sound the alarm and find it in our house.”

There are ways to make sure people cannot access personal information, like credit card or bank account numbers stored on a phone.  A passcode can be put on the phone, and it is also a good reminder to back up any information you have.

“If they have insurance they’re covered, if it’s something really important we can suspend their lines so their phone can’t be used,” Clifford said.  “If they do have their insurance they can wipe the phone.”

“Call it first, because it may just be in arms reach.  But, sign into that account right away when you realize your phone is gone, because you can track it.  Or you can contact us and we’ll definitely help you out.”

If lost phones are brought into a store they can contact the owner through the phone’s serial number.

Clifford also says to keep your phone on your at all times to minimize the risk of losing your phone.