U.P. Democrats hold Labor Day rally

Labor groups of all kinds have a long history of supporting Democratic candidates for office.

Several Democratic figures held a rally at the Labor Day Festival in Ishpeming Monday.

Jerry Cannon wants to unseat Dr. Dan Benishek from Congress next year.  He is a former Kalkaska County Sheriff and a retired Army National Guard General.

Cannon, and State Representatives John Kivela of Marquette and Scott Dianda of Calumet, were on hand for the picnic.

“As soon as we’re done here we’re heading back to Lansing to hopefully push Medicaid expansion through,” Kivela said.  “We’re hopeful that the Senate’s going to take it up first and deal with the immediate effect.  I think they understand that this is going to fly.  Why are we going to pass up millions of dollars?”

Kivela said Medicaid expansion would not have happened in the legislature’s last term, and said changing times in the legislature was why Right–to–Work was passed so quickly.

“It (Right-to-Work) really impacted a lot of people,” he said.  “The way it was done in a lame duck session…people are really upset.  But we have to move on.  We can’t dwell on the past and we have to keep working positively going forward.”

The Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party Bobby Schostak has also issued his own Labor Day statement:

“Today, working individuals and families across our state are enjoying a well-deserved day off with friends and loved ones.  Our economy is improving, and it wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated workforce.

“In Michigan, our Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Republican-led House and Senate are working hard to continue our state’s comeback.  Governor Snyder is focused on preparing individuals to fill the 184,200 new jobs created under his administration.  Last year alone, we gained 14,648 manufacturing jobs, personal income grew 3.4% and we were fourth in the nation for new capital investment projects.  We’ve come a long way these past three years, but the work isn’t finished yet.

“On behalf of the Michigan Republican Party, I’d like to wish everyone a happy Labor Day. Your hard work is a key reason Michigan is moving forward.”