Parade focuses on importance of American workers

Still standing strong.

That is the theme of the annual Labor Day Parade and Festival in Ishpeming.  The idea is to preserve the spirit of the national holiday.

With most people having the day off, events like the parade and festival are a reminder of the importance of American workers.

A parade kicked off the Labor Day holiday Monday.  Many local union members marched or rode in it, from steelworkers to teachers to boilermakers.

“We want to get out and celebrate labor and show everyone that we’re going to stick together,” Marquette County Labor Council Delegate Tony Ghiringhelli said.  “We’ve been kind of getting beat up lately with some of the laws that are trying to seem unfair to labor, but we’re all sticking together strong.”

Ghiringhelli believes his own son should learn that gains in the workplace made by workers have not come easily.  He says the recent right–to–work law is an example of that.

“We have to show him (my son), we have to set the standards and let the little ones know that that they’re going to take over.  And we have had a lot of fights to get us where we are and that’s important to know.”

Plenty of people brought their kids to the rally and an accompanying picnic.