Marquette decorated for Blues Fest

The Marquette Area Blues Festival is this weekend at Elwood Mattson Lower Harbor Park in Marquette.

In honor of the festival’s 10th  year, the Marquette Area Blues Society has done something special for this year’s event.

Visitors to Third Street, the downtown district and the waterfront may have noticed some very flashy instruments hanging from light posts.

The Blues Festival committee handed out 40 wooden cutout guitars for local blues fans and business to decorate to help amp up the excitement for this year’s festival.

“A lot of people have been saying they’ve been driving around town and seeing them. Every time I drive by the lower harbor I somebody there with a camera, I see tourists down there taking pictures of the guitars,” said Marquette Area Blues Festival director Mark Hamari. “You know, it’s great because musicians and blues lovers are generally are a pretty creative lot, and so they really had some neat ideas.”

On Friday, there will be a free show for the public featuring Laura Rain and the Caesars from Detroit and the Gas House Gorillas out of New York City.

The festival runs through Sunday.