Marquette City Commission works on strategic plan

The Marquette City Commission is already working on a new strategic plan for the upcoming fiscal year.

That was the focus of a work session this morning at City Hall.

The complex plan includes compiling a objectives for the new fiscal year and prioritizing those items.

With the plan in place, the commission will be able to better focus the efforts of the city on the priority projects they need to accomplish to the benefit of Marquette citizens.

“Obviously, seven commissioners will look at things in seven different ways, and you go through a period of consolidating and coming up with common goals, and really a common way of looking at things,” says Marquette City Commissioner Fred Stonehouse. “One of the critical items were certainly be economic development and how we can best address that. That is now a requirement of our city charter, so obviously that will be a very high priority for us.”

The commissioners anticipate the process they are entering to grow over time, and they’re working on an effective method to incorporate more citizen input as a part of the new planning process.

A meeting to continue through the early stages of the project will take place next month.