Teaching Family Homes shopping spree

Few things are as much fun as a shopping spree, especially when someone else is generous enough to pick up the tab!

Cliffs Natural Resources allowed Teaching Family Homes of Upper Michigan to go on a shopping spree this afternoon.

Cliffs gave the nonprofit $500 at the Lowe’s store in Marquette Township.

The money paid for a shopping spree to supply the Teaching Family Homes vocational skills center.

The center helps prepare young people for hands-on careers.

“They weren’t able to be taught some of these skills, just basic skills, when Dad takes you aside and shows you how to fix a sink or to build a garage or to repair a car,” Teaching Family Homes public relations manager Rich Rossway said.

The skills center opened in June.

Teaching Family Homes already had some items on hand to use in the center, but it still needs to be supplied with power tools and hand tools, and “lots of different things. We’re happy to be able to help them purchase those items,” Cliffs Natural Resources Michigan district public affairs manager Jennifer Huetter said. “On top of that, last week Cliffs made a donation of safety glasses, ear plugs and work gloves for the kids, so they’re off to a good start.”

Lowe’s also gave Teaching Family Homes a discount on the purchases.

They spent about $330, so they still have some cash left over for other supply needs that the skills center may have.