Plea hearing for hostage stand-off suspect

An Escanaba Township man arrested after a hostage stand-off was in Delta County Circuit Court today for a plea hearing, but 62-year-old John Sarasin did not enter a plea.

John Sarasin
John Sarasin

Instead, Sarasin’s attorney opted for a Cobbs request.

It asks the judge and the probation department to review the offense and determine the possible length of the sentence.

The Delta County Jail only allows sentences of up to one year.

If the judge and probation department believe the sentence could be longer than that, Sarasin’s defense team would need to be notified.

That would happen at a Cobbs hearing on September 13th. Sarasin can then either plead out or have a pre-trial conference on September 27th.

Sarasin is charged with unlawful imprisonment and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Police accuse him of holding his wife hostage for several hours at their home on July 9th.

Daryl Sarasin
Daryl Sarasin

After his wife got out of the house safely, he remained inside for six more hours before surrendering.

Sarasin’s brother, 64-year-old Daryl Sarasin, was also arrested for obstructing justice.

He later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor disorderly person charge and was fined $325.