Business honored for employing veterans

A ceremony to honor an Upper Peninsula business that helps veterans was held in Escanaba Wednesday afternoon.

SGT’s Recycling Inc. is a business that hires veterans who are disabled or injured.  They take products, such as electronics, batteries, and appliances and recycles them.

“Our service personnel have put everything on the line so that we get to enjoy our freedoms,” Major General Robert W. Smith III said, who is the Director of the Veteran’s Service Division.  “And we enjoy our freedoms in many ways.  So this is a way of saying thank you for our service for the word ‘free’ that we have, and we can breathe the free air.”

The business was honored for its commitment to helping unemployed veterans find jobs and rebuild their lives.

“This recycling is providing jobs here at this location but it’s also providing jobs at the location where people don’t have to pay and send things to a landfill and they may be able to hire one or two more people,” Smith said.  “So you’re increasing the employability of people up here in the Upper Peninsula.

SGT’s Recycling Inc., which is also owned by a veteran, employs eighteen veterans.