Wildcats come home to NMU

Today’s heat wave is a reminder that summer is still winding down, but for students at Northern Michigan University school is officially in session.

More than 9,000 students returned to campus today for their first round of classes since May. Most of the returning Wildcats hail from the Upper Peninsula, with more than 4,000 students calling the U.P. home. The bulk of remaining enrollment comes from downstate Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

The new school year is bringing some new programs to the forefront, as well. Now students can minor in Wildland Firefighting and receive a certificate that puts them in the field right out of college. NMU has always offered courses related to the subject, but now students can receive hands on training from a retired wildland firefighter. A number of the program’s former graduates have been in the news in recent weeks, fighting wildfires along the west coast.