UPPCO power outages continue

UPPCO technicians are trying to get power restored as quickly as possible to more than 1800 customers without power in about 80 separate outages.

The Ishpeming area is the hardest hit, with 66 outages and 1795 customers affected.

High storm winds broke 15 poles and numerous lines are down. UPPCO officials remind people to stay away from downed lines and to treat them as if they are energized. People should avoid trying to clean up downed trees or branches that might have power lines intertwined.

UPPCO is bringing in crews from other areas to assist in restoration.

In the Houghton district, employees expect to return all customers to service by mid-day. In the Ishpeming area, it will be much longer, as time is needed to replace poles as well as repair and restring the areas that have lines down. The company expects most customers will be restored some time today.

More information can be found at http://www.uppco.com/outagesummary/view/outagegrid.aspx