STUFF THE BUS effort continues

Holiday Inn of  Marquette, YMCA of Marquette County,  Eagle Radio/The Point, and WBUP-TV/ABC 10  have teamed up to get new school supplies to students from low-income families.  Children on local elementary and middle school’s Free and Reduced Lunch Programs, and agencies throughout Marquette County serving low-income families, receive the supplies to better prepare them for academic success.  Items are collected by participating organizations and community members.

Children who receive supplies through this program have the tools they need to begin the school year ready to learn.  For struggling parents, providing the necessary school supplies can be a financial hardship.  When their children receive school supplies through this program, parents are better able to utilize their limited financial resources to pay for basic needs such as food, utilities, rent, etc.  In addition, children have greater self-esteem when they have the school supplies they need, and the same school supplies as their peers.

The effort is to generate NEW items only; such as backpacks, pens (black & blue), No. 2 pencils, pencil boxes, pencil sharpeners – w/covers, notebooks, jumbo book covers, white glue sticks, crayons (24 count), scissors (all ages), erasers, rulers, folders – 2 pocket, colored markers – thin/wide, highlighters, composition books, protractors/compasses, water colors sketch pads, 3×5 index cards, personal hygiene items, etc.  (School nurses also request clothing items for younger children such as socks, underwear, sweat pants and sweat shirts.)

STUFF THE BUS school supplies can be dropped off at:

YMCA of Marquette County, 1420 Pine Street, Marquette

Holiday Inn of Marquette, U.S. Hwy 41 West, Marquette

Stuff the Bus School Bus will be on site at Holiday Inn…Monday, August 26th from 11am-7pm