Four injured in motorcycle accident

Three Wisconsin residents are being treated at Aspirus Ontonagon Hospital as a result of a motorcycle accident early Saturday morning.

Collin Werth of New Franklin, Wisconsin was riding on County Road 107, around 9:30 Saturday morning, when he missed the turn on to South Boundary Road. Werth slowed down and attempted to make a U-turn with his motorcycle when he was struck by another motorcycle that he was traveling with. David Blackman of Green Bay, Wisconsin claims that he had taken his eye off of the road to look at the scenery and was unable to stop in time to avoid collision once he had noticed Werth slowing down. Blackman struck Werth on the left side, ejecting both men and their passengers from their motorcycles. Collin Werth’s passenger, Carol Werth, was injured along with both David and Lori Blackman, who were riding together on the other bike.

All three injured riders were taken to Aspirus Ontonogan Hospital by a Sonco Ambulance. The extent of their injuries is still unknown.