The 1913 Copper Strike is remembered

A look back into the 1913 Copper Strike continues this weekend in Calumet.


One hundred years ago…the streets of Calumet were filled with strife as the miners engaged in a lengthy strike.  This was ground zero for the 1913 Copper Strike as the home of the Calumet–Hecla Mining Company and the site of the infamous Italian Hall Disaster.

Every year…Calumet hosts their Heritage Days Celebration…a weeklong commemoration of the city’s rich history.  This year…the event takes on a special meaning.

Main Street Calumet Executive Director Tom Tikkanen says, “It happened right here in the Copper Country.  The streets, the sidewalks that you walk on a daily basis were the sites of these historical, of national significance, events that occurred.  It’s an opportunity for us, really, to reflect on that an honor the memory of our ancestors—those on both sides of this titanic struggle.”

Strike rally person Big Annie Clemenc was recently inducted into the Labor International’s Hall of Fame and a ball in her honor is being held tonight.

A parade and full day of activities in Agassiz Park is scheduled for Saturday.

Tikkanen says, “It’s a community that’s in rebirth, celebrated with a bike race and enjoying our natural splendor that we have here in the Copper Country.  It’s a picnic atmosphere: traditional kid’s games in the park, music, tons and tons and tons of vendors.  It’s a lot of fun and it’s a great opportunity, really, to reflect back on what has occurred.”