USA Wrestlers training in Marquette

High School students still have a few weeks of vacation left until school starts. But class is already in session for a select group of athletes at the United States Olympic Education Center.

Members of USA Wrestling’s Cadet World Team are training in Marquette for the upcoming World Championships in Serbia. This was the first time ever that the USOEC has hosted a world team camp.

The wrestlers earned an invite to the World Championships by winning their weight class as the FILA Cadet Nationals in May.

“I really like the coaches up here. I really like the training cycle we’re doing- its two and a half days and then a day off. Its not burning me out, its been really good,” said Angus Arthur, a member of the USA Wrestling Cadet World Team.

“It’s been a great learning experience. I love it up here,” said Kyle Norstrem, another wrestler on the squad. Norstrem wrestled at the World Championships last year.

“I really put a lot of pressure on myself last year. I now know how I should go out there and wrestle and represent my country,” Norstrem added.

“Rob (Hermann) is obviously teaching us a lot out here. He has more experience than all of us put together,” said Danny Struck, a coach on the USA Wrestling Cadet World Team. “Just being here at the USOEC with Rob and these kids, this has been kind of a life goal of mine that I get to experience with these young men.”

The Cadet World Championships are next week, Aug. 20 and 21, in Serbia. USOEC head coach Rob Hermann will serve as the squad’s coach at the World Championships.