Training preps RA’s for new school year

The fall semester at Northern Michigan University is less than two weeks.

Preparations on campus have begun, including training for those who help students adjust to the university.

Resident advisors, or RA’s, are in charge of the different halls throughout campus and help get the students off on the right foot.  Advisors take on many challenging tasks.  One of their greatest is connecting peers with one another and creating a community on campus.

“One of big goals as resident advisors is to build a community,”  RA Emily Stulz said. “It’s to make it home away home for these students who many haven’t been away from their actual home ever.  To be eight hours away and not have a place where you feel safe isn’t a good thing, and so our big job is to make sure everyone feels safe and secure at all times.”

“There are so many people in your house even though it doesn’t seem that way, and everyone has gone through it,” RA Alejando Martinez said.  “You’ll always find someone to talk to, and feel free to talk to someone because they’ll be there and they’ll help you.  It’s a judge free zone.”

The resident advisors say they all look forward to assisting anyone in need.

Northern Michigan University students will be returning to campus and hitting the books August 26.