Golf outing benefits two schools

Sixteen different teams battled a slight drizzle and cooler temperatures Tuesday morning at the Wawonowin Country Club in Ely Township, in an effort to raise money for the Ishpeming and Westwood High School athletic departments.

This was the first ever co-op golf fundraiser put on by both schools. Normally, the Hematites and Patriots don’t see eye-to-eye on just about anything.

However, both schools put the cross-town rivalry aside to help out both athletic programs.

“On the athletic course of things we are competitive, but off the course we are friends,” said Mark Deallangelo, who helped organize the first time event. “We are just trying to generate some funds for our programs.”

“Everyone is giving as much as they can to each school, so its a great thing for both of our programs,” Dellangelo added.

“We don’t always work together, Ishpeming and Westwood, but we were able to put together a nice outing and we’re real happy with how it turned out,” said Jon Beckman, the athletic director at Westwood H.S.

“Off the court its (the rivalry) not a big deal. On the field we’ll be competitive there. But when it comes to helping out the athletic programs at both schools, we can certainly get together and work together on that,” Beckman went on to say.

All of the money raised from the golf outing will be split 50/50 between the two athletic departments.