Expo highlights importance of water safety

This summer has not exactly been a warm summer to be out on the lakes, but safety is still important for those who venture out on the water.  The Marquette Water Safety and Recreation Expo will be held Friday at McCarty’s Cove.

Informational tents will be set up for the National Weather Service and Michigan Sea Grant.  Displays will include the science behind rip and channel currents, and on dangerous lake condition forecasting.

“We want people to know that they can check our forecast before they even head to the beach, so being safe about when they decide to go to the beach,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Megan Dodson said.

“The second objective make sure that when they do go to the beach, they can identify locations where dangerous currents might form, they know how to use the rescue equipment.  We will be having demonstrations in case there is an incident, and if they do end up getting caught in some kind of current, how to escape those dangerous currents.”

Safety courses for different recreations on the lake, such as paddle boarding and kayaking, will also be a part of the expo.

Children are encouraged to attend the expo so they can take part in informative and interactive games, and learn how to rescue a potential drowning victim.