Donate school supplies to help Tools for Schools

The back to school shopping season is full swing as students prepare to head back to the classroom.  But some children may not have all the supplies they need.

The Salvation Army of Ishpeming wants to make sure students go back to school with the essentials.

The Tools for Schools program is a way for members in the community to donate everything from pens and pencils to notebooks and backpacks.

“We’re a little low on backpacks, you know that’s the thing that most people don’t want to spend the money on.  They’re the most expensive school supply, it’s always harder to get,” Lieutenant Stephen Hansen of the Ishpeming Salvation Army said.

“We’re also low on pens and pencils–those tend to go quickly.  We try to make sure every kid get a good amount of those.  Those are items that we’re always looking for this time of year to make sure that we can fill all the backpacks.”

In 2012, the Salvation Army was able to supply close to 250 students with supplies.  Lieutenant Hansen is hopefully that they will exceed that number this year.