Commission waits to approve MBLP rate increases

The Marquette City Commission discussed a number of items at their meeting Monday night.

One of the main issues was seeing a presentation from the Marquette Board of Light and Power about their proposed rate increases.

The commission has no control over the board of light and power, but the city charter gives the city rights to approve increases.

“I think it’s a matter of whether or not the public has really had enough of an opportunity to get some input on this issue,” Commissioner Don Ryan said.  “It is a significant increase, but we have a very well run Board of Light and Power, but there’s a lot of issues to look at.”

The commission requested that the Board of Light and Power give a proposal about the rate increases at the next commission meeting, and will make a decision about the rate increases sometime after the proposal.

The commission also heard an update about the Founders Landing development near the Hampton Inn.  The development group has plans for a parking ramp and other structures.

“Part of that development would be a parking ramp, which would be incorporated into the plan, which would be utilized by the private businesses and the city,” Ryan said.  “It really has to start with that before some of the other development can go forward.”

“I think their plan–and I haven’t talked to them about specifics–but it’s included retail, office space, and possibly some residential as well, but it would include the parking structure.”