Stormy Kromer tips cap to LSCP

A titan in the textile industry capped off Lake Superior Community Partnership’s Quarterly Luncheon with an inspirational tale of success.


Jacquart outlined his legacy in the business world from middle school to age 60

Lake Superior Community Partnership has been helping businesses in Marquette County grow to their full potential for more than a decade by tapping into community involvement. Bob Jacquart embodies that philosophy, having grown the Ironwood based Stormy Kromer brand into a global entity.

“I would like to challenge them to find the next Stormy Kromer in their community,” said Jacquart, the President of Jacquart Fabric Products who manufactures the quintessential U.P. caps. “Where are the people and at what stage in their life are they developing entrepreneurialism? What are the things the community can do? Whether they’re in school or starting a business or halfway through the business and they’re ready to launch level, how can the community develop them? I was developed amazing well by my community and other customers. I believe that if my community and our communities would grab us when we’re younger, it might be better for us. That’s my challenge. I’m hoping to provoke a little thought in the folks here at lunch.”

Jacquart started his rise to the top in seventh grade by making Yo–Yos out of old compression knobs and selling them to kids in town who’s demand couldn’t be met by national toy manufacturing companies. He applied that same practical approach, of listening to the community and learning their needs, to his business model throughout his storied career.

But, no matter how much success came his way, Jacquart was never complacent.

“There’s been a lot of magic. There really, really has; magic or luck or whatever you want to call it. I really believe that you can limit yourself by thinking that you know it all. That ‘here I am sixty years old and I know everything there is to know about business.’ I’m not even close and I love the opportunity to learn. I bet you I’ll even learn something today just by giving this talk.” Jacquart added.

Now it’s up to blossoming outfits like Yooper Shirts and Checker Transport to heed his wisdom and give their companies an economic edge.