New Marquette Township Hall set to open

After years of planning and months of construction the new Marquette Township Hall and Community Center is just days away from being open. The walls are painted, new carpet has been installed, and township employees have been busy relocating their offices to the new building on Commerce Drive. The new building is considerably larger than their old location, and will become an immediate asset for the entire township.

“There’s been a need in this community for a focal point, a real community center to rally around and now we have that,” said Marquette Township Manager Randy Girard. “We have someplace that residents can utilize for events that can be here, we can offer training sessions that people may want, general information sessions. There’s all kinds of access to any kind of data you might want electronically we now have capability of.”

The new facility has been 15 years in the making. By using of state–of–the–art equipment and new technology, the new building was planned with the future of the township in mind.

“We’ve really been diligent in trying to get the biggest bang for the buck basically, it’s an old cliché and I don’t like using it necessarily, but that’s what we did here,” added Girard. “This building today to meet the needs 25 years from now.”

The new township hall offices and community center will officially open for business beginning  Monday at 8 a.m.