Empowering kids through theater camp

A chance to empower young people through performance arts, education, and the creation of theatrical and musical art is available through Lake Superior Youth Theatre’s summer camp programs for the month of August.

The 5th Annual Drama and Dreams Playscape Camp is one of the three camps kids can participate in.

The camp is designed to help children work on socialization and communication skills while learning about theater, costume and set design, and many more areas that go into creating a theatrical performance.

“The main idea behind this camp is to allow people to express themselves in unique ways,” Camp Director Robert Shirlin said.  “Children are much more open I’ve learned, and are much more free to new ideas than we as adults are which allows them a greater range of creativity, a greater range of creating an environment inside theater as an art form to express themselves in different ways. All of these things contribute to building something together, as part as a team, when some of these children never had that opportunity.”

The unique environment creates a learning experience for both kids and adults involved with the camp.

“What I enjoy most is seeing the growth in the kids. There was one girl who was really quiet and by the end she in the show was loud and she was a narrator, and seeing what the kids can do by the end is incredible,” Drama and Dreams Playscape Counselor Beth Seavoy said.

Lake Superior Theatre will be holding two more acting camps for kids.

More information is available at the Lake Superior Youth Theatre’s website.