Democratic Congressional campaign begins

The next election for Congress is still fifteen months away, but that’s not stopping a candidate from throwing his hat into the ring now.

Jerry Cannon is a longtime former sheriff of downstate Kalkaska County.

He’s also a Marine, a Vietnam veteran and a retired major general in the Michigan Army National Guard.

Cannon is running as a Democrat trying to unseat Republican Dan Benishek.

“I’m frustrated with politicians that go to Washington and forget what they’re there for,” Cannon said. “Politicians are more concerned about themselves than what’s in the best interest of the country. For me, my entire career has been about service.”

Cannon says he’s eager to go to Washington and roll up his sleeves to address major problems, like “the economy, wasteful spending, protecting Social Security and Medicare, and more importantly than anything else, probably, give people, middle-class people, a shot at the American dream. People did that for us. We need to do that for them.”

Cannon visited Marquette and Traverse City to announce his campaign today.

He says he’ll be touring the Michigan 1st District for the next year, trying to spread his message.