Meet your neighbors at Nat’l Night Out

Starting this weekend, cities, townships, and organizations throughout Marquette County are hosting block–style and neighborhood parties as part of National Night Out.

National Night Out is a country–wide effort to bring communities together.  It is seen as an opportunity for people to get to know their neighbors.

“The idea is that, if I know my neighbors I’m a little more likely to watch out for them, if I happen to look out the door and see that their car door is left open, I’m going to feel a lot more comfortable calling them and saying hey, do you realize (that your car door is open, or if they’re out of town they’re a lot more likely to watch out for their house or their property,” Director of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program Amy Mattson said.

The block parties also allow residents a chance to meet local law enforcement agencies, which can develop into relationships that benefit the community.

“A lot of the people who are hosting the parties are saying that they love it when the law enforcement and emergency personnel or police, fire and EMS can stop by and just say hello,” Mattson said.

“So often we meet our first responders and our emergency service providers when there’s a big crisis and everybody’s under stress.  It’s so much more relaxing and more enjoyable to get to know somebody on a very casual, friendly sort of basis.”

Marquette County is hosting eighteen block parties for National Night Out.  You can contact your township for information to find out what areas are hosting parties.