NMU Jamrich Hall construction update

The future home of the new Jamrich Hall on the Northern Michigan University campus is starting to take shape.

Construction on the new $33.4-million state-of-the-art facility started in April.

Northern has planned for the new Jamrich Hall to open in the fall of 2014, and crews are right on schedule.

Northern Michigan University senior associate vice president for administration Art Gishia said, “Within the last couple of months we have all of the underground concrete finished. We’re now about 55% complete on structural steel. We have started masonry and you can see the construction is progressing from the north to the south, so this week, we expect to see some of our first concrete slabs poured. We have electricians and plumbers on site working on underground mechanical, and so it’s moving along.”

One of the biggest obstacles is making sure that the outside of the building is ready by the time the snow starts to fall.

“We know it’ll be here. It comes as early as October some years and as late as January 1 some other years,” added Gischia. “We expect to have the building fully enclosed in order to continue construction on the interior through the winter and then start the occupancy again August of ’14.”

Once the new building is open, the university plans on tearing down the current Jamrich Hall and turning the property into a parking lot.