Redmen conduct youth football camp

The high school football season begins the second week of August. At Marquette Senior High School, the season is already underway.

Redmen varsity football coach Dave L’Huillier and his staff have been busy coaching this week at the Redmen Football Camp.

Forty players in fifth through the eighth grades are participating in the three day camp.

L’Huillier and his staff focused on teaching all the future varsity football players the proper way to play the game, hoping that it pays off for the Redmen football program in the long run.

“Its all technique, its all individual stuff. The kids have done a great job. They’ve been working hard. Its been a great couple days for us,” said L’Huillier.

“Its very important to stress the fundamentals, so that they understand the basic techniques first, before they worry about learning the big parts. They (the kids) have asked great questions and they’ve worked hard the first two days for us,” L’Huillier added.

With the varsity football season just around the corner, this camp has been a great way for L’Huillier to begin his 2013 season.

“Its (high school football) is coming quick, and that is great. Its the best time of the year for me. We start with three days of conditioning and then we get into pads. I’m excited about the group we have coming back,” L’Huillier went on to say.

The Redmen Football Camp concludes on Wednesday.