MGH releases statement on tax valuation

Marquette General requested the state tax tribunal after hospital’s property value was appraised during the sale to Duke-Life Point last September.

MGH released this statement earlier Monday, to help clarify its stance:

“With the acquisition of our hospital by Duke LifePoint Healthcare in September 2012, Marquette General became a tax–paying entity and a significant source of tax revenue for our community. We are committed to supporting our community by fully meeting our new tax obligations. As is customary with a transition from tax–exempt to tax–paying status, Marquette General retained a valuation company to work in collaboration with the municipality to determine the valuation of our assets and the related tax assessment. This is a standard process, and it is not uncommon for discussions to take place regarding the determination of fair and acceptable assessed value. We feel confident that this process will result in an outcome that is fair and satisfactory for our hospital and the community.”

Marquette’s City Commission will decide whether or not to go forward in hiring further legal representation in response to Marquette General’s tax valuation challenge.