Taco meals on wheels

Employees at the Peninsula Medical Center in Marquette had the chance to have Mexican inspired food Thursday, and they didn’t have to travel very far. A steady stream of customers lined up for lunch from Dia de los Tacos. The $3 meals on wheels is new to the city, but Dia de los Tacos already has rave reviews.

“I think it’s great, I mean obviously it has a really big following around the city. I think they go down to the bars on the weekends and stuff, it’s good food, and it looks pretty healthy and it tastes pretty good,” said Dia de los Tacos customer Philip Heichel. “I think people would like to see more of it. I mean I know my girl friend checks their Facebook page to see where they’re going to be everyday. We kind of follow them around every now and then.”

“Almost nothing makes me happier when we are driving down the street and somebody honks their horn or a kid waives or something,” Dia de los Tacos Co–owner Mike Walker said. “People smile when they see it, which you know just makes me smile.”

While the food truck is a relatively new idea for Marquette, Mike hopes to see more trucks on the road.

“We keep hearing rumors that there’s more and more people that want to do it, and I absolutely would love to see it,” added Walker. “I mean one of the great things in some other larger cities is you almost develop like a food court.”

You can find the location of the Dia de los Tacos truck by following them on Facebook or Twitter.