Men’s basketball camp at NMU

It’s a new era of basketball at Northern Michigan University.

Since Bill Sall, the new head coach of the men’s basketball team took over the program back in May, his fingerprints have been all over anything and everything to do with Wildcats basketball. And that includes the men’s basketball camp.

This week, 70 boys between the ages of 8-18, took part in the annual basketball camp at NMU. The camp focused on developing the skills of each camper, in both on and off the court drills.

Former NMU basketball player Bill Hill was in charge of the four day camp. The new assistant men’s basketball coach was very pleased with the improvement the kids showed from day one to day four.

“We do a testing with them at the start of the camp on layups, dribbling, passing drills and one minute shooting. Almost everyone of them have improved,” said Hill.

“We kept track of them from day one to day four, and all the kids seem to be having fun too, which is the point of it (the camp),” Hill added.

“I like working out with the defensive players and I like defense, so I like helping them out,” said Wade Schetter, an incoming freshman on the NMU men’s basketball team.

“I think its fun just helping them and seeing them grow throughout the week,” Schetter went on to say.

Hill was formally named Coach Sall’s new assistant coach earlier this week. Hill once played for and coached on the NMU men’s basketball team.

After a three-year absence from working with the men’s team, Hill is excited to be back.

“It’s a dream come true to tell you the truth,” Hill said. “It’s going to be a lot of work and we understand that.

Coach Sall took the job up here knowing that it was going to be a tough job. There is going to be a lot of question marks, but we are going to grind it out and work hard, try to play the game right. Hopefully things start going in the right direction sooner rather than later,” Hill went on to say.

“I’m super excited. Just in the last couple of days, we’ve seen four, five, six new guys. I’m just excited to get with everyone and see what we can do to try and make this program be as good as it was at one point and try to get at it as best we can,” Schetter said.

Thursday was the final day of the basketball camp.

With Hill joining the NMU men’s basketball coaching staff, he had to give up coaching the Northern Michigan Drive, an AAU basketball team here in the U.P.

Marquette native Tyler Geary will take over the Drive program.