Police emphasize witness cooperation

It was the watchful eye of a witness that led to the arrest of Alexander Watanen on vandalism charges in Marquette.

Police are thankful that citizens are watching for suspicious activities, and that residents have the willingness to report them.

Staying alert helps keep the community safe and lets police stay informed of what is going on.

“Having the citizens aware of what’s going on in their neighborhoods and watching out, and taking care and calling us if they think something’s suspicious, is very important to keep the community safe,” Marquette Police Det. Capt. Gordie Warchock said.

He also said it’s important for both the public and police to communicate with each other, to understand what the needs and concerns are of the community.

The Marquette City Police have been utilizing social media to connect with citizens, “for them to keep the community abreast of what we see happening out there,” Det. Capt. Warchock said. “We use our Facebook page for that now to help assist us in that, and so communicating between (the) police department and the City of Marquette citizens is of utmost importance to us, for us to carry out our mission.”

To report any suspicious activity, call your local police agency.