ESPN Radio adding FM station

One Marquette based radio station is undergoing some major changes. Marquette’s ESPN 970 WZAM is now called ESPN UP, and will soon be adding an FM frequency. Later this week, the station will be heard on both the AM and FM sides of the dial on 970 AM and 93.3 FM.

“Had a chance to pick–up a frequency, it’s called a translator to repeat our WZAM signal, which is on the AM side of the dial on to the FM at 93.3 FM,” Said Taconite Broadcasting President Tom Mogush. “So it’s going to be great news for people that enjoy our format to hear it in crystal clear FM coverage, there’ll be solid coverage day and night.”

Once the final parts are put into place, the new FM station will come in loud and clear for listeners throughout Marquette County.

“During the daytime our coverage on our AM signal covers a good swath of the Upper Peninsula, a really wide area,” added Mogush. “And this FM signal will cover Marquette, Ishpeming, Negaunee, and Gwinn. We’ll know more once we turn it on, but according to the computer modeling that I’ve been shown by the engineers, we should have good coverage in those areas.”

The new ESPN FM station is expected to be up and running within the next couple of days.