Tai chi classes at Mqt. Sr. Center

Being active is important when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, but staying active when you’re older isn’t always easy.

Senior citizens in Marquette have found a way to remain active using the ancient Chinese martial art of tai chi.

The low-impact workout is a great way to keep moving and improve balance.

“There a lot of benefits to doing tai chi. I mean obviously one is relaxation,” Northern Michigan University tai chi instructor Jennifer Silverston said. “There’s also joint mobility, there’s a lot of emphasis on getting the different pieces of the body, the joints moving. They tell me there’s a quite a lot of benefits with the fall prevention, like they can slip on ice and even catch themselves from falling. And they think it’s from doing tai chi.”

“Well I jut think my balance is a lot better, and I do think it’s good for all our muscles to keep moving, says tai chi student Miriam Hilton. “I don’t know if I can say specifically it was only tai chi, but it’s part of the whole life style of doing stuff, and enjoying life.”

The course offered through the Marquette Senior Center and is taught by Northern Michigan University instructors.

The final summer tai chi class is next Tuesday.

Fall classes will begin at the end of August.