‘Pirates’ comes to Lake Superior Theatre

Pirates are the theme of the Lake Superior Theatre’s latest production.

Pirates of Penzance is an operatta about a pirate trying to leave the piracy, but his friends do not want him to leave.

One of the challenges of putting on an operatta is the amount of singing involved.

“It’s pretty much song, song, song, a little bit of dialog, song, song song,” one of the actors in Pirates James Porras II said.  “It’s really challenging to try to make sure all of your words get out so the audience can hear them, but it’s so cool and very good for our voices.

This is the first time the Lake Superior Theatre has put on Pirates, and director Jeff Spencer thought it would fit in perfectly with the tall ships coming to Marquette this weekend.

“It’s a fantastic show, it’s a classic of the American stage, and the location really lends itself, and we have the tall ships coming in on Friday, so it’s just a great show,” Spencer said.  “It’s fantastic music, and we really have a strong group of individuals who can pull it off.”

“We’re right here on the lake shore.  It’s really cool to put on a performance like this that involves similar areas with beaches and lakes and stuff like that,” Porras said.

Pirates of Penzance opened Wednesday night, and has shows Thursday through Sunday, and July 24–28.  All shows start at 7:30 p.m.

For ticket prices and a full list of the Lake Superior Theatre’s productions, you can visit their website or call (906) 227-7265.