Celebrity Golf Classic raises $115,000

Beacon House is a home away from home for people who have to travel to the Marquette area for medical treatment.

It serves about 10,000 visitors each year, and as a nonprofit, it needs to raise a great deal of money to continue to serve all those people.

Beacon House’s largest fundraising event of the year is its Celebrity Golf Classic.

It takes place in late June, and the total money raised this year has now been counted.

“This year was a little different from last year in that we did things just a little bit bigger, so we needed to raise just a little bit more money in order to get the net results that we were looking for, and we’re very, very pleased,” Beacon House development director Mary Dowling said. “Our early results look like we will have made $115,000.”

The 2012 classic raised $108,000.

Organizers say the celebrities who showed up are saying they want to come back next year and bring other celebrities with them when they return.

“This year was really special in that they all found out about what Beacon House was about before they came,” Dowling said. “Then, when they got here and they did the tour, it really impacted them. They get what we do, and they really want to help us.”

This year’s Celebrity Golf Classic was the third year for the event, and the people at Beacon House will begin planning the fourth annual classic next week.