Canal Run preview

More and more people are lacing up their running shoes in the Upper Peninsula. ABC Ten’s Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Rick Allen has more on the next big event in the Copper Country.

Volunteers at Portage Health in Hancock are stuffing close to 900 packets in preparation of the 38th Annual Canal Run. Already…a record number of participants have registered for the event.

Race Director Angela Luskin says, “We currently have about 650 registered.  And you want to, obviously create a few extra race bags, too, just in case.  We still have three days left to register for the Canal Run so we don’t know what numbers will come in for the next three days.”

Saturday’s races feature a 5 and 10 K walk and run and a newly added half marathon. With several events like the Canal Run being held in the Keweenaw…there’s no shortage of people looking to get active outdoors.

Luskin agrees, “Our community is very active.  They want to get out there, they want to participate, they want to be involved in the community.  And people are, they’re moving more, which is fantastic—and that is what these event are all about.  Get the community out there, get moving.  The Canal Run is very family friendly.  We allow strollers.  We encourage all family members to take part and we do see that with the Canal Run—everyone from an eight year old all the way up in to their eighties.”

Registrations for the Canal Run will be taken through Friday.